Published Books

Tell the Bees (2019, A3 Press)

Map-fold art book produced by A3 Press, which makes exquisite "Writing Maps" for writers and readers. Contains 10 poems about bees and beekeeping, plus photographs of my own bees and beehives.

Full Mouth (2020, Finishing Line Press)

Chapbook of poems about food, eating, hunger, desire, and all the associations we hold with food. Written with the support of a grant from the Kahn Institute for the Humanities at Smith College, while sitting on a grant panel of scholars researching foodways. Cover art ("Vanitas") by Timothy McDowell.

Other Work

Ativan Poems (2015)

Experimental poems written while undergoing treatment for breast cancer. To be produced as a self-published art-book with hand-sewn pages and illustrations by printmaker Sarah James

Before the Mountain (2018)

Collaboration with photographer Dominique Thiebaut. Images and poems of the Pioneer Valley, in western Massachusetts.

Poems published in journals

"There Should be a God." Forthcoming in The Baltimore Review.

"Flash Mob." in Front Porch Review, Vol 15, January 2023.

"An America." forthcoming at museum of americana.

"Aphasia." forthcoming at Eunoia. Expected June 2023.

"Tess at Mt. Pollux." in Panoply, Issue 23, Winter 2023.

"Spider." forthcoming at Sky Island.

"Bones." in Molecule, 8/13/2022.

"Honeycake." forthcoming at Moms on Poetry

"Tell the Bees," "La Voile," and "Mousse aux Chocolat" and "Swordfish au Poivre" (the latter two sections of the longer poem "No. 9 Park"). Every Day Poetry (feature of Tweetspeak poetry--no links available)

"Poets and Poems: Sara Eddy--'Tell the Bees' and 'Full Mouth." Review by Glynn Young, Tweetspeak poetry, summer 2022.

"Close." New Note Poetry, summer 2022.

"Lentils." forthcoming at Juked

"Bee Yard," "Fall Harvest," and "Moving the Hive." in Deep Overstock, Issue 17: Beekeeping

"Insect Mind." Rune Bear, 4/7/2022

"Lake Eire Guesthouse." SWWIM, 3/17/2022

"Buffalo Jump." Raleigh Review, vol 12.1 (print) 11/23/2021

"Naucrate." Pink Panther, volume 13, no. 1, 3/8/2022

"Coming Back" and "What Binds You." 2River Review, spring 2022

"Fledgling." Fine Print Press, issue 10

"At the DeCordova Museum" and "Pumice Mines." The Mantle Review issue 16

"Luna," "In a Valley," and "Skinnydipping." Poetica Review, 6/1/2021

"Goldilocks" and "Heavier." forthcoming at LEON literary review, 5/25/21

“Pandemic Baking.” forthcoming in South85

“Your Six,” “Fall on Norwottuck,” “Sisters,” “4pm Thunderstorm,” and “Your Whole Life.Abstract Mag, 12/17/2020

“Summer Fling.” The Ekphrastic Review, 9/3/2020

“Museum of the Mind.Telephone: an International Arts Game, 7/17/2020

“Household Gods.Threepenny Review, 3/19/20

"Starvation." Baltimore Review, 8/14/19

"55-inch screen." Spank the Carp, 7/27/19

"Removing a Colony." Heartwood, 3/27/19

"Furious." The Tishman Review, 2/17/19. (publication folded)

"Studio." Raw Art Review, 2/15/19

"Not Ready." Raw Art Review, 2/15/19

"Hush." Raw Art Review, 2/15/19

"A Fall." One, 12/19/18

"About that GIF." Sum: Dyad issue, 11/27/18.

"Heron Pond." Dandelion Review, 11/12/18

"Hair." Dandelion Review, 11/12/18

"A Measure." Dandelion Review, 11/12/18

"Teeth." Zingara, 10/24/18.

"Peach Jam." Causeway Lit, 10/1/18.

"Oranges." Meat for Tea, Volume 12, Issue 3, Camellia Sinensis, 8/23/18.

"Stir Fry." Meat for Tea, Volume 12, Issue 3, Camellia Sinensis, 8/23/18.

"First Thanksgiving." Meat for Tea, Volume 12, Issue 3, Camellia Sinensis, 8/23/18.

"Katherine." Gyroscope Review, 7/28/18.

"Honeycake." Gyroscope Review, 7/31/18.

"Yosemite." Parks & Points, 4/8/18.

"Revolution." Forage, 7/18/17.

"Ativan Poem #3: Subterraneans." Damfino, 7/9/17. (publication folded)

"Ede Market Day." The Book of Donuts (Terrapin Press, 2017).

"Pelham Hills." Postcard Poems and Prose, 1/17/17.

"Ativan Poem #6: Pond." Surreal Poetics, 9/7/16.

"Ativan Poem #8: Water sports." Panoply, 7/19/16


“Pandemic Baking,” nominated for Best of the Net by South85, 9/17/2021

“Belly,” “Aflame,” “Fledgling,” semi-finalists in Button Eye Review summer poetry contest, 10/26/2021

"Furious." Finalist, Tishman Review Edna St. Vincent Millay Poetry Prize, February 2019.

"Furious." Nominated by the Tishman Review for the Best of Net Anthology competition, August, 2019.

"Peach Jam." Winner, Causeway Lit Poetry Contest, 10/1/18